Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Is Running Good For You?

So anyone who knows me knows i love bicycles. Like to ride bikes, think bikes, look at bikes, at talk about bikes and well ride bikes. A recent injury tho has had me looking at other forms of recreation and running happens to be one of them. 

Doesn't that just look like fun?
I mean here in the rogue valley we have plenty of people to run with. There plenty of races and group events for what looks like a good time. Looking at you SORE (southern oregon running enthusiasts) And heck its even something I could do when i have a bike in the shop or lack of use of my upper body. 

These bipeds know how to go hard. 
Now much like biking. Watcing and doing are two different things. My first set of runs were not the most inspiring. 

This first attempt resulted in a 10:37 mile and a whole bunch of dissapointment. I was a cyclist I should have killer cardio. Cardio I had, musculature i did not. I ended up feeling like a fool. My second attempt was not any better

So here i was feeling like a fool running 23 min miles and hating every minute of it. 

Thats how i felt trying to avoid all the traffic
and fellow pedestrians
A constant question I ask myself
every time I run. 
I even had let myself succumb to the idea that "Nah running not for me its not funner nor cooler than cycling" I mean who needs to run when you can ride a bike. I bought a bike and spent a whole bunch of money to avoid the act of running. 

Who needs running when you've got a crew on two wheels. 

Yep i really do enjoy riding with friends and the effortless joy that is riding a bike. 
And you can't jump like this without a bike so there's that. 

And you can really get your blood going riding a bike. Way better than the plodding boredom associated with that running fad. 

But where there's a will there's a way. Or in my case a Ben 

This is my buddy Ben looking down on the rogue valley 

So although my passion for running was pretty much gone. I do have a friend named Ben who does not ride bikes and really enjoys the running. So i figured maybe I've been going about it all wrong. Maybe  I need a real runner to give me a pace and give me some motivation. And that's exactly what happened.

It was crazy sure we averaged a 14 min mile ish. But we also climbed up Roxy Anne. That's a hill I know and I had a proper motivation to keep going. I couldn't believe it. Having someone out there to show what a good pace is and what different techniques there are is invaluable. Before I knew it we were at the top and I actually felt like this is something I enjoy. 

Although its hot August having a friend to run with makes it worth while. 

Like running with scissors. Taking photos while running doesn't work either. 

Ben explaining the glory that is the run.
 I think nature would agree with him at this point

I couldn't believe i had made it to the top without a bike.
I was also thinking about the run down and the blister that was starting to form on my foot

All in all a good time.
 And what good time doesn't end with a well deserved beer. 

So yeah I run now. Don't think for a second that i'm abandoning bikes in anyway. but adding running to my arsenal of fun things to do will certainly help me to improve my riding and fitness. I'm amazed at the amount of calories you can burn just by plodding along. also the sore muscles I never knew i had. So if your a fellow cyclist looking to improve your fitness I would suggest you try running. And don't be shy most of these runners are actually pretty relaxed people that just like to run in the woods. And if your a runner, I wouldn't mind showing you the ropes on a bike if your ever interested.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Have you Cleaned your hydro pack lately?

So when riding the bike one of the most important pieces of gear for me is what I use to carry water. Some people prefer water bottles, but I prefer a proper hydration pack. Nothing against bottles matter of fact that’s what I use for race day but when it comes to comfort and peace of mind bringing my full pack with a load of water tools and spares is priceless when the time comes.
My trustee pack. I've had it for 3 years now. I cringed at the $75 dollar price at the time. but looking back its money well spent

What lies beneath 

My solution to a stinky pack and a gamy bladder: Baking soda, citrus juice concentrate and a new bite valve. 

The face of a man who let his pack go too long. 

Philthy bite valve. 
New bite valve. Kinda like getting new grips but for your teeth. 

Its pretty easy to pull it off. Sometimes it take a bit of force but she'll go.

Scruba dub dub. I wash the outside as it can get pretty dirty. 

Now to wash the inside. I use 1/4 cup of baking soda with the reservoir about
 half full to bleach out whatever  was causing a poor taste in my mouth. 

And now we play the waiting game. 

Although my bite valve was dirty it didn't warrant replacement
So I'm flushing it along with the rest of the bladder and tube. 

I like to rub that thing down. Making sure to the insides of it against each other.

Dont forget your corners. 

Ok I'm tired of waiting and pulled the bite valve to drain faster

Get all that baking soda water out. 

Now after all the baking soda water I add 1/4 cup of lemon or lime juice unsweetened.
Flushing with this mix helps to clear out any bad tasting baking soda that could be left behind.
Plus it leaves a better tasting bladder. 

I wait again.
After all that I dry it to store by shoving a towel in it. 

What a nice and clean pack I have. 

Tastes fresh and leaves a smile on your face. 

Now at the end of all this I did go to the manufacture sites and found how they recommend doing it. All in all the most important lesson is that you should regularly take care of your pack and it will take care of you.


Oh and for the rest of the pack I just use the washing machine. Take everything out put the machine on gentle and air dry.